Friday, April 22, 2011

cant stop thnkn...

following me in2 ur rm, u close the door behind us. wthout me expecting n DEFINITELY not minding u push me by my head on2 the bed. but not 2 hard cuz i caught myself wth my hands. i straighten up n look seductively in2 ur eyes while i take my hoodie off n throw it 2 the side. u rufly take my jaw in ur big hand n tilt my head 2 the side exposing my nek as u gently start 2 lik it n kis it n bite it getn rufr wth evry second but stil so slowly. now my whole bodys tingln. i can feel my heart start 2 beat faster n hear my breath getn heavier. gawd its been so fkn long. its gona be so ez 4 me 2 cum n my pusy is niagra fkn falls 2nite!! :P i stop u aftr the tingling goes all thru my body n bak again. thn u get more aggresive n u kis me n push me on the bed at the same time. i help u get ur shirt off n my eye catchz thm abs so i run my hands ovr em 4 a sec, thn cowar(sp?) away frm u 2 make u hafta force me 2 take my clothes off. i giv u a hard time undoin my jeans, but wen u get em unzipd finaly, u rip the mthr fkrs of n throw em on the floor. thn u look atmy thighs n squeeze em all ovr. off wth my shirt n u kis me again goin lower n lower dwn my nek my chest flikn a niple wth ur tongue n u nible on it 2. kis n lik all the way dwn my stomache. make a line dwn 2 my pusy n stop rite at the crak u mthr FKR!!! so skip the pusy n go 2 my inner rite thigh n kis n lik n bite hard. wrk ur way bak up 2 my pusy, lik each lip n tease my clit a litle bit. let ur tongue n my clit make luv! lik my clit n around the hole tikle me inside yo!! stik ur tongue in the very inside n go around n around n in n outa there....til u got a fkn mouthful. gargle tht sht. n now u stop. mm. leme taste my pusy, baby, while u twist ur fngrs in my hair ril tite. thn stop kisn me n pul my head dwn 2 ur dik by my hair. pul it harder. make me eat tht dik. "get the fuk up" i do as im told. i stand up n u get up n cme around behind me putn ur hands all ovr me like im sum piece of meat. puln my head bak by my hair so u can kis my nek again. ths time my ear 2. the othr hands evrywhere...squeezn my tites, feeln on my pusy. i pul away but u get stronger on me. dam i shouldnta dun tht. u yank my fkn hair 2 make me face u. "u like tht?" me - "mhm" u push me 2 make me bend ovr the bed admiring my ass wth ur eyes n ur hands  smakn it a few times n squeezn it n makn it jigle. oo bite it hard 1 time. lik it n bite it n smak in 1 spot til its stingn red. it hurts so ima try 2 make u stop but DONT 4 a min. make it hurt more. thn take tht dik out n get the head wet wth my pusy juice n rub my pusy wth it n my butcrak. rub ur hand frm the smal of my bak up 2 my shoulder ril slow thn slide ur hand around my nek n squeeze. play wth my tities, pul my hair. but make sure u stik tht dik in nice n slow. stroke my wals so slow it makes me shake frm wantn it fast n hard. but dnt giv it 2 me like tht quite yet. keep goin slow n teasn the fuk outa me n wen u feel like ur dix takn a shwr n im pushn my pusy on tht dik as far as possible, wrap my hair around ur fist n pul ths pusy on u it like tht 4 about 5 pumps n slow bak dwn stil puln my hair. tease the sht outa me like ths 4 about a minute. thn flip me ovr wth my legs in the air hold my arms dwn so i cnt move. u feel me try 2 fite u off. slap me in my face. thn pound ths pusy like its the end of the world. call me a btch n slap me evry now n thn 2 keep me in line. u no im cumn wen im screamn soundin like im bout 2 cry. soundin like im fkn hurtn. keep chokin n keep strokn. dnt u fkn stop. wen u cum i like it on my ass or on my tities. i like 2 hear u moan sum wen u cum 2. let it all out rite on my bootyhole all ovr my butt. gimme a towel gimme a drink lemme pis lite a blunt lite a cig!! gnite!!!

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